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Our Resources

Since 2008, the Doctors Disability Specialists Team’s partners have spent a great deal of time and energy building and cultivating relationships with some of the top professionals in the dental and medical worlds — and our clients are now the beneficiaries of those relationships.

We can help physicians and dentists make connections* to:

  • buy their first office or practice;
  • the right attorney or CPA specific to their medical community;
  • navigate the technology, benefits, or billing needs of their practice; and 
  • connect with other dental and medical professionals.

We speak our clients’ language. To help us understand what our clients’ professional challenges and opportunities are, we attend the same continuing education courses that they do.

We have helped hundreds of recent medical and dental graduates obtain jobs*, thanks to our alliance partners and current clients. They are our most valuable resource, and many have been rewarded by their generosity.

*Guardian and its subsidiaries do not endorse or have any direct or indirect responsibility with respect to these activities.